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Hurricane Cleanup & Repairs

Hurricanes can cause untold devastation. They can completely demolish your home, taking with it all of your cherished memories. While we can't change what has happened, we can help you pick up the pieces as quickly as possible so you can move on to forming new memories. With our hurricane cleanup and home repair services near Lake Charles, Advanced Home Construction can make your recovery process easier. Contact our local home demolition and debris cleanup company to get started today!



After a hurricane has passed, it's time to clean up. If your home has suffered storm damage, Advanced Home Construction can help. We offer hurricane damage repairs, debris removal, and home demolition services for those in Houma, Thibodaux, Morgan City, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and New Orleans. We have over 25 years of experience helping homeowners recover from a hurricane quickly and easily. We understand the heartache you may be facing, which is why we remove the burden from your shoulders of the home demolition and storm cleanup process. Our mission is to make this time in your life as easy as possible, so you can begin to rebuild as soon as possible. Call our cleanup and demolition company for a free estimate today!

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Hurricanes bowl through indiscriminately, leaving a wake of devastation and destruction in their paths. Depending on the strength of the storm, you will see houses blown down, trees uprooted and transported, cars smashed, downed power lines, and storm debris just littering the streets. You may have debris all over your yard, from downed tree limbs to blown-off shingles, wood, and more. Advanced Home Construction offers debris removal services after a hurricane. We can come to your property and remove every unwanted piece of material you want removed. Our mission is to help you put the pieces of your life back together after a hurricane rolls in. Call our demolition company near Lake Charles and Houma for service today!

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Advanced Home Construction offers home demolition services in Lake Charles and the surrounding area. If your home has been destroyed due to storm or hurricane damage, our expert demolition company can help. We can tear down your home, and we'll haul away the debris, leaving your home site as good as new and ready for new construction. If you only need a partial house demolition, we can do that as well. We do our best to get to your home demolition as quickly as possible. We offer help with insurance claims, providing any estimates or documentation you need. In addition, our demolition company offers land grading and new home construction services. When you partner with us, we'd be proud to work with you from start to finish, not only offering our exceptional storm clean up services, but also building you the new home of your dreams. Contact our demolition company to get started today!

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